Our values

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The tolerance of the products is proven by an independent laboratory approved by the Ministry for Health under the control of a dermatologist. All the facial care products are guaranteed high-tolerance. Their tolerance is assessed on a panel of sensitive skin under dermatological and/or ophthalmological control. The tolerance tests are accompanied by a clinical safety test.


BcomBIO is the first brand to have developed organic cleansing water and a certified organic deodorant without aluminium. BcomBIO includes innovative state-of-the-art active ingredients such as Hibiscus extract with its botox-like action, Alfalfa with retinol-like action and hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight produced from wheat, etc.


The formulas are developed by pharmacists in line with a strict protocol. The active ingredients are rigorously selected for their effectiveness.

The effectiveness of BcomBIO facial care products is assessed by instrumental methods and/or use tests on a panel of consumers.

All facial care products are packaged in airless bottles or tubes to guarantee the effectiveness of the active ingredients throughout use.


BcomBIO has been committed to a sustainable development approach right from the start. Our products are all certified organic by Cosmebio.

The active ingredients are rigorously selected according to their environmental impact. Edelweiss is therefore grown by methods preserving the biodiversity, beech buds are taken from low branches to avoid harming the development of the tree, and so forth.
Our Argan oil is another example, sourced from fair trade.