At the heart of BcomBIO


fiole«We just need to look around us to understand that nature is the source of many riches. The power of plants on the skin is incalculable. Offering women care which combines effectiveness and naturalness is the very soul of BcomBIO. To preserve the priceless wealth offered to us by nature, the Laboratoire Sicobel adopted a sustainable development approach over 10 years ago. We owe everything to the Earth and its plants. It is therefore inconceivable that we would not protect it, especially when we talk of care and well-being.» 

For over 30 years, the Laboratoire Sicobel has been cultivating its expertise in phytodermatologie.

After several years of research & development, in 2004 the laboratory’s pharmacists formulated BcomBIO, the first range of certified organic dermo-cosmetics.
BcomBio, a founder member of Cosmebio*, participated in the preparation of these specifications in 2003.

Building on its success, BcomBIO used its expertise in organic cosmetics to develop the BBcomBIO and BcomBIO Homme lines in 2009, thus meeting the needs of the whole family.

*Professional association of natural, ecological and biological cosmetics which unites all the players in the branch and counts almost 400 members in France and abroad.