Certified organic cosmetics

The benefits of organic cosmetics

The Laboratoire Sicobel, a founder member of Cosmebio*,
 in the preparation of its specifications in 2003
and became
 one of the first laboratories to hold the Ecocert License.

In conventional cosmetics, ingredients of synthetic and petrochemical origin are commonly used. In a “standard” cosmetic product, most of the ingredients are used to add colour and fragrance, etc. In an organic cosmetic product, all the ingredients used have a beneficial effect on the skin.

In organic cosmetics, it is the proportion, the quality and the source of the ingredients which differs from standard cosmetics. The percentage of active ingredients is significantly higher as compared to “standard” cosmetics, as most additives are banned and the natural excipients are also active ingredients.

Today, at least 98% of the ingredients in BcomBIO skin care products are of natural origin. 

Organic cosmetics are also a guarantee of environmental and human respect. By excluding synthetic processes known to be polluting or risky, the specifications of organic cosmetics rule out the most controversial raw materials.

For this reason, the laboratory has been committed to a sustainable development approach for over 10 years. Its products are prepared according to the principles of eco-design and environmental respect at all stages of manufacture (from the growing of the raw materials right through to the packaging) and the communication material is printed on recycled paper with plant-based ink.

Combining innovation and ethics to care for skin using plants is the challenge taken up by BcomBIO backed by 30 years of expertise in phytodermatology at the Laboratoires Sicobel.